About Us

We are a leading and standard company set up in 2017 based in Kent. Having experienced university life first hand, we are confident our hampers cover all essentials items that are often overlooked when your son or daughter, friend or loved one embarks on their journey into university life. That is exactly why we set up Unihampers, we believe what we offer is unique. 

We offer so much more than just the usual hampers full of food and paracetamol (although both are included). Instead we offer a unique hamper carefully tailored for the university students.

Our hampers aren’t traditional hampers; they offer gifts that we found so useful when we first started university. Being away from home for the first time can be overwhelming, especially when fresher’s week is in full swing, therefore, when the hamper arrives at the door of your loved one, with a personalized message from you it will not only bring a smile to the recipients face but a small solution to that daunting feeling and a helping hand during fresher’s. It offers handy products that you wouldn’t necessarily think of. You would not believe the amount of times safety pins are needed on a night out to hold someone’s dress together, or the comfort a face-mask and chocolates bring the day after the night before! Not forgetting the men, beer pong was as essential as those earplugs.

Although our ranges of hampers are selective, the quality of our goods are of a very high standard. We are so confident of the quality of our products, if the hamper you have ordered does not meet yours or the recipients’ satisfaction and is returned within 28 days, in the original packaging, we offer a money back guarantee. 

If you would like more information about any of our hampers, please contact us at unihamper@gmail.com


I really hope the person receiving this box loves the hamper as much as I did when I received one shortly after I left for University many years ago.